Points of Light


Party 2 sets out to confront Irontooth’s gang. The Kobold Lair (A2 and A3) makes for a full day’s work, but they acquire a suit of +1 dwarven chainmail, battleaxes and 4 gp 17 sp. On the way back to Winterhaven, they meet with the Wagon Ambush in Shadow of Kalarel, winning a dagger and 43 gp 28 sp. Their XP total for these encounters is 600 each.

Creation of Party 2

Meeting in Winterhaven, Party 1 finds that Cliff has recruited two doppelgangers, Toox the warlock and Sim the psion. Splug joins with the three of them to create Party 2, and they set out to confront Irontooth’s gang, while Party 1 returns to explore Level 2 of Shadowfell Keep.

Winterhaven & Keep, Level 1

On the Road to Winterhaven, Party 1 is beset by Kobold Brigands. They collect some shields, short swords, javelins, a dagger, and a sling, as well as 34 sp. The party gains 95 XP ea, enough to level up to 2nd level.

Keeping to the Ominous Signs quest hook, they visit Winterhaven briefly before gaining directions to Shadowfell Keep. Again, travelling away from Winterhaven, they suffer a Kobold Ambush (A1), but collect shields, and short swords, as well as 5 gp 23 sp, and an obsidian figurine worth 80gp, which is kept by Brinjin. They reach the Keep and begin a cursory exploration.

Areas 1 and 2 of the Goblin Encampment yield short swords, hand crossbows, javelins, +1 bloodcut hide armor, and 98 gp 101 sp, as well as a new member of the party, Splug. Splug keeps the armor, while Aelar and Dannad keep approximately 55 gp each. They rest for the night.

The next day, they descend to Area 3, and then to Area 9 of the Caves. They acquire war picks, javelins, flasks of alchemist’s fire, a +1 symbol of battle (Bahamut), and 22 gp, then take an extended rest. Areas 10 and 11 of the Caves yield a shield of protection, two potions of healing, five 50 gp gems, and 92 gp 373 sp. Having cleared this portion of the Keep, they rest before venturing in the opposite direction the following day. Aelar keeps the holy symbol to give to any divine character who might eventually join the group.

Area 5 of the Crypt is dealt with as a full day’s work, and the decision is made to return to Winterhaven to see if another party was gathered. Still, after an extended rest, our party ventures through Areas 7 and 8, aquiring a +1 magic longsword (Aecris), six 60 gp dragon statues of silver and platinum, some suits of chainmail, shields, longswords, and shortbows. Victor accepts Aecris, giving Dayereth his +1 lifedrinker longsword. The XP total by now is exactly right for leveling up to 3rd level, and they depart for Winterhaven.

Kobold Hall

Cliff leads our first party into Kobold Hall. I’ll describe the bare essentials here, sparing detail. Victor is the defender, Dayereth the controller, and Dannad is the striker.

They take the Kobold Bounty quest hook, and so proceed through Areas 1 and 2 before taking an extended rest and dividing up the 60 gp, daggers, slings, and spears. Area 3 is a full day’s adventure, after which the wizard takes the 50 gp ruby, the halfling and shifter each take a 25 gp garnet and 25 gp, the warforged takes 50 gp, and they divide up the shields, daggers, javelins, and slings. Area 4 is another full day’s work, giving the party the bone mask they sought, a +1 staff of the war mage for the wizard, more shields, daggers, slings, and a spear and short sword. They make note of the dragon in Area 5, but return to Fallcrest for their reward and maybe some help.

All this gives them 831.25 XP each, as well as an extra 290 gp. Victor and Dannad each take 95 gp, while Cliff takes 100 gp. In Fallcrest, they purchase more equipment, accept the Dragon Hide quest hook, and find two more adventurers, Aelar the shaman and Brinjin, a secondary rogue. Cliff will remain in Fallcrest and explore further options, while Aelar takes lead of the party back to Kobold Hall to confront the dragon.

Before leaving town, however, Cliff visits the Temple of Erathis to discover a modified version of the Ominous Signs quest hook from H1 Keep on the Shadowfell. He brings the party to meet with Dirina Mornbrow / Marla, and they decide to let him collect a new group of adventurers to travel to Winterhaven. Party 1 then finally departs for Kobold Hall.

Arriving back at Kobold Hall, they confront and defeat the dragon, obtaining the sought dragon hide from its treasure chest, along with a +1 lifedrinker longsword, a 20 gp pearl, and 100 gp. Victor takes the sword, Dannad accepts the pearl and 20 gp, with 40 gp each going to the new characters Aelar and Brinjin. The XP divide up to 150 each, and the party concludes the Kobold Hall adventure, holding on to the dragon hide to eventually collect the reward from Fallcrest, but meanwhile heads to Winterhaven to meet their friends.


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